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What is Efectiu?

Efectiu is a Company incorporated in Kenya whose aim is to provide you with easy & affordable access to credit by sending money directly into your mobile money account, anywhere, anytime.


Which mobile money provider does Efectiu support?

Efectiu currently supports Safaricom MPESA.


How do I get the latest version of the App?

Go to Google Play Store, search for Efectiu, then click update.


Can anyone access Efectiu?

Efectiu is currently not open for everyone. If you know a friend who is creditworthy & can repay their loan on time, kindly use the (+) “tell a friend” functionality within the App to send an invitation code to them. This requirement enables us to closely monitor the type of clients & referees we have at any given point in time. You may from time to time earn some discounts off your next repayment if someone you refer to us pays their loan on time & in full.


What will happen to me if someone I have introduced to Efectiu defaults on their loan?

The liability of the loan will rest on the borrower always & not the person who introduced the borrower to us, therefore you will be under no obligation in any way to pay the loan on their behalf. However, the entire family tree where the defaulter was under may be affected if many defaults within that family tree occurs. This will eventually lead to discontinuation of the entire family tree including the initial introducer. You therefore need to ensure that you bring in only credit worthy individuals to Efectiu.


Can I call a representative from Efectiu?

At the moment Efectiu does not provide customer support by phone. Please send us a chat message using the chat feature within the App at any time & we shall be able to address whatever issue that you may have.


How does Efectiu make a lending decision?

Efectiu uses data from your phone combined with your Efectiu loan repayment history to build an individualized credit score, which determines the loan offers you receive.


Can I be rejected for a loan?

If you don’t get accepted when you apply, don’t give up because sometimes it may take several attempts to qualify for a loan. We encourage you to keep the app installed on your phone at all times & check regularly for your qualification status.


How long does the loan application process take?

On average, it should take between 3 - 15 minutes but not more than 24 hours at any given point in time for you to get feedback on the status of your loan application.


What if someone else applied with my phone number?

Once a phone number has been used to access Efectiu, it cannot be used by anyone else. To access Efectiu, kindly use another phone that you own & that has not been used for any Efectiu loan before.


How do you determine my loan offers?

The loan offers depend on a multitude of factors including your repayment history. If you repay all your loans on time, you unlock access to larger loans gradually over time.


What is the largest amount I can take?

At the moment, the highest amount that we can offer is Kshs 30,000.


How should I repay my loan?

To make a payment simply click on the repay loan button within the App’s home screen & you will be automatically directed to your phone’s MPESA where you will enter your MPESA PIN & the amount indicated on your screen automatically debited from your MPESA account.


Can I repay earlier than the due date?

Yes, this is highly encouraged so that you can access more credit & grow your credit limit faster.


What happens if I overpay my loan?

If you overpay your loan on your last repayment, the amount will remain in your account & be applied on the repayment of your next loan.