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EFECTIU came into existence when like-minded professionals in the fields of; Software & Technology, Sales & Marketing, Securities & Investments, Economics & Statistics, Finance & Accounting came together to develop a financial solution for the large unbanked population in Africa.

The team at EFECTIU strongly believes in using "Alternate Credit Scoring Mechanisms for Emerging Markets" to rate creditworthiness & advance loans to people, as opposed to the traditional credit rating mechanisms that large financial institutions employ.

We got incorporated in Kenya with the intent to lend to East Africans in the short-term & to all Africans in the longer-term, through technologically backed semi-formal and informal platforms as opposed to the traditional sources i.e. Banks & SACCO's.

By offering our products & services at the “best PRICE” in comparison to our peer groups, we aim to close the financial inclusion gap through technology backed financial education & inclusion.